Kollektion: Rivapower

VA2405 (5000mAh) portable rechargeable battery

This ultra-compact, lightweight and reliable Li-Poly rechargeable battery is perfect for all travellers allowing you to charge your devices wherever you are. The battery’s convenient and practical design makes it easy to carry it in your bags and pockets. Crafted to look and feel as sleek and voguish as the devices it plugs into, it offers a range of features so your devices will remain charged and you will be ready to respond to that all-important email or phone call wherever you go.

RIVACASE VA2405 portable rechargeable battery
Product Features:

• 5000mAh capacity rechargeable battery
• Compatible with all popular models of smartphones, Tablets and other mobile devices
• Protection from over-charging, power leaks, overload and short circuit
• Automatic turn on/off. Just plug your device into RIVACASE battery output socket and the charging will start.
• To check the battery status, press the side button. 4 LED indicators will show the remaining power level.

Charge Through function
Connect the RIVACASE to the power source and your mobile device to the RIVACASE. Mobile device is charged first. When fully charged, RIVACASE will start recharging.

Li- Polymer battery: 3.7V 5000mAh 18,5Wh
Input DC 5V: Type-C 2.1A / Micro USB 2.1A
Output DC: USB1 2.1A / USB2 2.1A (Total 2,1A)
Type-C 2.1A

Batteriekapazität: 5000 mA·h
Batteriekapazität: 18.5 W·h
Input Micro USB: 5V-2.1A
Output USB-A: 5V-2,1A
Output Type-C: 5V-2.1A
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