Welcoming new Antishock sleeves for Macbook!

Welcome RIVACASE brand new Suzuka series!

RIVACASE proudly presents new ANTISHOCK sleeves for Macbook. Lightweight and protective, they are great for travel or just day-to-day use.

ANTISHOCK sleeves come in three sizes to fit your device and in two colors to fit your style!


Perfect for users who want to keep their computers safe in a separate case or in a bag that otherwise lacks a dedicated protective pocket. They’re great for those who appreciate simplicity; there's nothing redundant here: a soft, cushioned pocket and a zipper, which is really all you need.

Memory foam for ultimate protection from accidental hits, scratches, dust and moisture.

Double zip-fastener provides easy access to your device.


Internal plush lining allows Macbook to easily slide in and out and remain scratch free.

The ultra-sleek ANTISHOCK sleeve is sure to add secure and light touch to your casual look! 

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