VA4422 BD1 wall charger black 2.4A, 2USB, with Micro USB cable

RIVAPOWER VA4422 wall charger UK plug 2,4A/ 2USB, with Micro USB data cable

• Universal wall charger compatible with all USB powered mobile devices.
• Charge 2 devices simultaneously using one power socket only.
• Top quality components, built-in filter, surge protection, overload, overheat and short circuit protection provide fast, efficient and safe charging.
• Sanded surface with glossy strip creates superior look, has pleasant touch and provides perfect grip.
• Outer shell, made of non-flammable and durable plastic, provides exceptional fire and mechanical damage resistance.
• Compact design is very convenient for travel and always keeps space for neighboring power sockets.
• Micro USB data cable (1,2 m) is included.
Paquet de vente au détail 73x130x40 mm