RIVACASE is a socially responsible company

We are happy to announce that RIVACASE® became a partner of the Galapagos Conservation Trust (UK registered charity no.1043470) in order to support its outstanding and important job of conserving the unique ecosystems of the Galapagos Archipelago and raise awareness of Galapagos conservation.


RIVACASE® proudly contributes funds on a quarterly basis. With this help GCT is able to continue pioneering conservation projects on the Islands in order to save endemic species from threats, including those that are anthropogenic.

At least 4 Galapagos giant tortoise species are extinct,
5 critically endangered, 2 endangered and 2 vulnerable.

In order to communicate this socially responsible campaign to our customers we’ve added a special hangtag on our products.


When you buy products with these hangtags, you make a difference.



Together we can help Galapagos giant tortoises!

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