Egmont collection

Egmont park is a secret leafy oasis, a hidden gem that lies in the heart of the Belgian capital Brussels.  It's fine lawns and tall trees give it an air of majesty and serenity in equal measure. The perfect place to lose yourself in when trying to escape the rush of the capital's pulsing streets, Egmont is actually a very old aspect of the famous European capital. Constructed by a member of the Luxembourg royal family, and named after the neo-classical palace of the same name that adjoins it, it is a park that still gives off a regal vibe while also creating the most relaxing of environments. These essences are things that we wanted to incorporate into our Egmont range. As a result we have created a line that combines the business-casual approach that reflects this wonderful oasis.
The Egmont collection offers stylish and compact bags ideal for the urban business person, traveller or student. Warm, cozy and casual it is a range that provides you with the ultimate in comforting sleek design. The sleeves and a briefcase have been expertly created to  fit laptops, ultrabooks and tablets. All of the items across the range have been crafted to the highest of standards and with a striking diagonal design combining high quality faux leather and a soft herringbone patterned fabric. The Egmont range also marks a new step in being our first Apple-orientated collection. All these elements come together to create an elegant and sturdy range but one that is first and foremost very practical.

High-quality faux leather with herringbone patterned fabric inserts

Created and designed using high quality faux leather with rich traditional herringbone patterned fabric inserts, the pattern of this Egmont bag resembles good old fashioned tweed, and combined with PU leather makes the bag not only sturdy and practical, but elegant and classy. The combination of this most classic and traditional Scottish pattern with the ultra-modern looking leather material makes this collection incredibly versatile. So whether you're hanging out in a park in Brussels or working on an essay in a library in Oxford - you can be sure you won't look out of place.

Sturdy metallic hardware

There is nothing worse than using a bag or laptop sleeve that you know is going to fail you at the most inopportune of moments. It typically happens when you're already in a rush and not having the best of days, and public transport isn't working, and it's raining and then suddenly the zip breaks on your bag. This is the kind of eventuality that we have worked tirelessly to prevent here at Rivacase. That is why we have provided this Egmont range with sturdy metallic hardware so that you can depend on your bag or sleeve and rest safe in the knowledge that it will not let you down.

Diagonal front pocket

Aesthetics and ergonomics have been key to this design. But crucially, both in equal measure. Never is this more obvious than in the diagonal front pocket on the side of the sleeve. This feature cuts across the fabric giving the sleeve a unique look but with a practical reason. Just like diagonal shaped parking, this shape of pocket more easily allows you to slip away those all important items, and, because we know how easy it is for those pesky wires and USB plug-ins to go missing - we have made sure to add a zip. So despite being simply a sleeve, you have the option to have everything tucked away, keeping you compact and secure on your journey.

Understated Rivacase badge

When operating in a work-environment, understatement is perhaps the key way of presenting oneself. It speaks to a kind of refinement, a wish not to be too showy and flash, and to a kind of elegance and timelessness that will be forever charming. Often understatement is something that you do not see but just sense. With our Egmont range we have captured this essence and perhaps this is most obvious with our very understated Rivacase badge. Unlike other brands that feel the need to impress, we instead feel that the quality of our products speak for themselves. So we'll let them do the talking.

7903 MacBook Pro and Ultrabook sleeve 13.3"


This Egmont Macbook Pro and Ultrabook sleeve is the perfect fit for any device up to 13.3" in dimensions. It has been specially crafted from a combination of high-quality faux leather, and tweed herringbone fabric created out of durable polyester. This makes for a sleeve that is fundamentally stylish and mature but also modern and fresh. More than this,  the clean lines of the sleeve and sleek design make for an item that is as comfortingly graceful as the device that lies within it. A front zippered pocket provides room for added accessories and an aysmmetrical double zip-fastener enables quick and easy access.


7930 grey MacBook Pro 16 and Ultrabook bag 15.6"


This Egmont Macbook pro and Ultrabook bag boasts the room to store a 16" laptop with a  generous main compartment that can contain all the necessary accessories along with a tablet up to 10.1" in dimensions. A front zippered compartment pocket also contains within it an organiser panel for business cards, pens or your cell phone.  And because we wanted to make the bag as compact and as functional as possible we have made sure that the handles can be folded into outer compartments from both sides to make the bag even slimmer. In addition to this, a removable and adjustable shoulder strap is included in case you might just need that extra hand free when going about your day.