Gremio collection

Named after Arena do Grêmio, the multi-use stadium in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, our Gremio range is pure functionality. The stadium itself is one of the most modern venues in South America. It has received the highest rating from all the most powerful adjudicating bodies, including the "Category Four" evaluation from UEFA - the only one to do so in Brazil. It has been selected as one of the venues for the much prized Copa América too. The idea behind the stadium came about from the fact that firstly the site - located 1 mile from the airport, provided the perfect place for a multifunctional urban centre. The complex include a conference and congress centre, a hotel, a mall, housing and parking. As a result, even when the stadium is not hosting football or other sports, it remains functional all year round.
This collection takes inspiration from the Arena do Gremio to create a functional and adaptable range of bags for everyday use. We at RIVACASE believe in the power of 'no-frills' design. In contrast to many other companies, we pride ourselves in making every aspect of our product designed with use and not simply looks in mind. So, no matter the journey or destination ahead, you can be certain that your RIVACASE item, at each juncture and moment on your way, will never let you down. The attention to detail we take in constructing every element ensures that your day will be running smoothly from start to finish.

Our lightweight series of bags and backpacks are perfect companions for everyday use. So whether you're headed to work, or you’re off to study, or just going for a walk, you can be certain this is the range of bags for you. They have been specially designed to be practical and affordable, with all superfluous elements stripped away, to leave you with a perfectly functional and ergonomic bag. They are ideal for those who value simplicity and practicality, and are perfect for the more purposeful and dynamic individuals amongst us.

high-quality water-repellent material

These days, you cannot be taking any chances with the contents of your bag. Long gone are the days when we were only carrying paper and folders around. Nowadays, there are a hundred and one different electrical items that we might have with us that need to be held in ultra-safe, and, perhaps most importantly, ultra-dry conditions. That is why we have made sure that each piece from our Gremio range comes with high-quality water-repellent material, to keep your things dry, and your mind at ease. Because we know that a mind that is calm, and unworried about these kinds of things, is a mind that can attack the day with confidence.

soft stitched zipper pulls

The soft stitched zipper pulls on this bag are something that you will really thank us for. We all know the feeling of being in a rush and needing to get to wherever it is that you need to be as soon as humanly possible. In these kinds of moments, you do not want to be searching around for a small metallic puller, but instead need to be able to zip open and zip closed as quick as you possibly can. You also want to be able to feel like you can be robust with your bag without fearing that it will soon end up falling apart with the zipper coming away in your hand. These pulls will enable you to do just that.


We at RIVACASE have never understood the value in having heavy luggage. Your items are likely to be heavy enough - why increase the load by making your bag heavy as well on its own!? We leave those kinds of designs to other companies and instead focus on trying to get you as quickly and easily from A to B as possible, and with the least possible hassle. That is why we have made sure that each of our bags are super lightweight, so that you do not feel encumbered on your journey and can travel as lightly as possible. So on your next journey ahead, whether you be going to Berlin or to Bermuda, with this Gremio range, know that you will be able to do so with maximum ease.


Each one of our bags from our Gremio collection comes with generous capacious space. There are many amongst us who are not worried by the criticism over being 'over-packers.' Those amongst us like this are the types that like to take that extra shirt along with us, or that extra pair of jeans. Or perhaps you're the kind of person that needs to bring with them quite a number of electronic devices. In which case, this is the range for you - it offers you more than enough room for all those extras you need with you, so that you have all the optionality in your day possible, giving you the flexibility you need.

5563 18L Lite urban backpack

This 18L middle-sized urban backpack is a multiuse backpack for studying, work, travel, and outdoor activities. The interior is made of contrasting lining to help you find your items quickly. It is manufactured using high-quality water-repellent material to keep your items safe. A spacious storage compartment for clothes and other items on your daily commute is provided, and also an inner compartment for a 13.3” laptop (though we recommend using a laptop sleeve for additional protection). Dual zipper pulls are provided for quick and easy access. Comfortable shoulder straps with softened bands will make you feel comfortable even on the longest journey. Two side-pockets for a bottle of water or an umbrella are available, and a strap management system prevents excess strap material from dangling.

5565 black 22L Lite urban backpack

This 22L middle-sized urban backpack is perfect for those looking for something slightly more compact. It is a multiuse backpack for college, travel and outdoor activities. Manufactured using high-quality water-repellent material, it will keep all of your things nice and dry. The spacious storage compartment for clothes and other items on your daily commute will enable you to take all your most important things with you. The dual zipper pulls will make for quick and easy access and a front zipped pocket for a smartphone, pens, and other accessories is also available, and which also features a detachable key strap. A comfortable soft handle, shoulder straps with softened bands and a sternum strap will make everything seem that little bit easier. Two side-pockets for a bottle of water or an umbrella is also available in case you get caught in a shower or need a quick drink!

5705 grey Cooler bag, 5L

This 5 litre cooler bag is your perfect lunch companion. Every aspect of it has been specially designed to create the optimum lunchtime experience. The light color of the bag has been chosen to reduce heating under the sun, meaning that all of your fruits, meat, salad and drinks will remain nice and cool throughout your journey to the picnic. The dirt-resistant and water-repellent outside fabric will mean that it won't pick up any unnecessary muck on its journey and will keep your car nice and clean for the return, but also it will make sure that should you get caught in a shower, your meal won't be ruined. The leakproof lining prevents any nasty spillages along your way and the comfortable soft handle with a reliable fixture in the bottom of the bag will mean you can travel around with ease.

5717 grey Cooler bag, 17L

This 17L cooler bag is the choice for those looking for an expansive lunchtime experience. There are many of those amongst us who really like to go all out with regard to our picnics, and this large capacious bag will allow you to do just that. The light color of the bag has been chosen to reduce heating under sun, in order to keep all of your food nice and cool for the start of your meal. The dirt-resistant and water-repellent outside fabric will mean that your bag doesn't pick up anything unwanted on it, and its contents will remain free from harm. The leakproof lining will stop any nasty spillages from occurring, and the comfortable soft handles with a reliable fixture in the bottom of the bag, will make your journey a pleasant one from start to finish.