Tivoli collection

Tivoli theme park, also known as Tivoli Gardens, is an amusement park and pleasure garden in Copenhagen, Denmark. Being built in 1843, it is the second oldest theme park in the world and with almost 4.6 million visitors annually, it is the second most popular seasonal theme park in the world. Those kind of statistics speak for themselves. It is clearly a place that knows how to keep customers coming back time and time again. Located bang in the centre of the Danish capital, in downtown Copenhagen and next to CPH's Central Station, you can't miss it. Its dazzling, shining lights have beckoned tourists and locals alike for getting on for two centuries. Perhaps Tivoli is best known for its wooden rollercoaster the Rutschebannen, also known as the Bjergbanen (The Mountain Coaster), the world's oldest wooden roller coaster that is still in operation, but the theme park is the home to a plethora of other delights that capture the eye and ignite the senses. Apart from other rollercoasters and swings , there are pantomime shows, an aquarium,  a concert hall and open air stage for musical performances. There is a Chinese Tower and garden that glows at night, and even an on-site hotel. Perhaps what is most impressive, and even more so given its size, is that Tivoli captures what is best about all theme parks,  it is full of a thousand and one details. And it is the word detail that we have made the aim of our Tivoli range. From the most obvious to the almost unnoticeable, everything has been done to make each detail of the range designed to maximise the ease and the potential of your day. The result is a collection that you can confidently use to approach any kind of journey or lifestyle and remain safe in the knowledge that it won't let you down.
The Tivoli range has been designed after a delicate and assiduous process.  We wanted to show that sophistication should not be limited for a bag simply because it is for everyday use. The bags are light and the metal parts and pullers resemble the  striped pattern of weaving fabrics. Light fittings, and a thin rubber logo in a contrasting colour provide extra detail. All items in the collection are complemented by inclined pockets for easy opening, as well as light handles and internal pockets for Tablets and papers. This is a collection for those who do not like to be too showy, but still want their outwear to be interesting and the fabrics of high quality.  The striped weaving of the upper material is hugely diverse in its application and can be combined any kind of outerwear and casual-wear.

Cushioned pocket for a Tablet

These days you have to take extra good care of your electronic devices. Being in many ways the portal to both our professional and social lives, they are too precious to be taking any risks with at all. That is why we have made sure that this Tivoli bag comes with a specially cushioned pocket for your Tablet. So you can slip your device away and rest safe in the knowledge that it will remain free from harm and you can be secure in your bag's ability to keep your belongings safe.

Specially designed pullers

It is the microscopic level of detailed design applied to every facet of the bag which makes the Tivoli range so special. Everything has been designed to ensure that every aspect of these bags has been crafted to maximise functionality, security and aesthetics. One aspect of this are the specially designed pullers on this Tivoli range. Slim and elongated they create a stylish and chic vibe while also being ergonomically crafted to ensure that they are easy to use and allow you to smoothly and quickly unzip your bag and access your items.

Mauve Rivacase logo

It is a collection of parts that make a whole. When creating this range we have ensured that every element of the collection has been meticulously crafted to make up a stunning end product. That is why this range comes with its own delicately designed mauve logo which, in its own understated way, adds some colour and style to the bag. The colour has been specially chosen to contrast and bring out the best of the dark grey fabric of the bag. It is this kind of special attention to detail that marks the Tivoli range out as different and as bags to be treasured.

VA-printed interior lining

It is the small things in life that make the biggest difference. It is the smell of freshly mown grass or seeing the sun's rays dancing off the lakes. In much the same way it is the smaller details of this Tivoli range that make it such a special collection. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the VA-printed interior lining of the bag. Just like the most famous tailors or architects who know that the inside of a suit or a building is just as crucial as the outside, so too we know that everything needs to be done to make sure that even what cannot initially been is just as impressive.

Diagonal front pocket

Sometimes you don't have time to be unzipping and then zipping back up your bag every time you need to stow away or retrieve an item. In this fast paced world, you need to be able to move on at a moment notice and not to be faffing around trying to tidy everything away. That is why this Tivoli range comes with diagonal front pockets which, just like diagonal shaped parking spaces, make putting everything away far easier. Not only then will this make this simple task a lot easier but it  will also help you keep everything neatly orgainsed.

8720 grey Laptop bag 13.3"

This ultra compact bag is compatible with Laptops with screens up to 13.3" in dimension. Designed to fit Macbook Pro and Air 13.3,  it has two internal sections for a Tablet up to 10.1, documents and accessories. And because you can't take any chances with these things, padded laptop compartment sides provide extra protection. An external pocket gives you another option for accessories and your smartphone. And to enable smooth retrieval of your items, dual zipper pulls will give you easy and quick access. Lastly comfortable padded handles and a removable, adjustable strap offer you the comfort and adaptability you may need on longer journeys.

8730 grey Laptop bag 15.6"

This ultra slim, and compact bag from our Tivoli range is compatible with laptops with screens up to 15.6". But just incase you have more than one device, an internal pocket is provided for Tablets up to 10.1". There is ample security for these with there being padded laptop compartment sides offering extra protection. And in case you need to quickly store something away an external pocket for accessories and smartphone is provided. Sometimes you need to sling the bag over the shoulder to free up a hand so comfortable handles can be swapped for a removable, adjustable strap.

8731 grey Diagonal plus Laptop bag 15.6"

This slim and compact Tivoli bag is the perfect option for laptops with screen up to 15.6". And if you have a tablet that you need to carry along with your laptop then it is catered for with two internal pockets for tablets up to 10.1" in dimension. Two diagonal external front  pockets for accessories and a smartphone is provided so that you can swiftly put away your items and move onto the next challenge in your day. In addition to this an outer backside compartment for documents and accessories is available to give you that extra level of adaptability and functionality.