New travel toiletry cases for on-the-go organization

The best toiletry cases for travel are those that offer a little bit of everything: space, durability, and organization.


As the world changes, so do we need to change with it. With the undeniable effects of climate change plain for us all to see, it is time that we all step up our game to ensure that future generations can continue enjoying a safe natural environment to thrive in.

RIVACASE VA2041 & VA2081 power banks

It’s common knowledge that a portable charger can save your phone from exhaustion, and it is better to keep it handy in your bag.

New Tegel coated backpacks 8435 & 8465

These versatile backpacks are the perfect companion for any jet-setting professional who need everything to hand at any time of the day.

New eco-conscious Alpendorf collection

With the fundamental mission of reducing the environmental impact of all our products, we have refreshed our Alpendorf range with eco-conscious bags and backpacks made from sustainable and ethically sourced materials.

Happy holidays!

We wish you a truly wonderful holiday season filled with peace and love.