Stylish protection for your MacBook with 8503 & 8505 sleeves

These stylish sleeves from the Cardiff collection ideal for MacBook, Ultrabooks and whatever else you might need to carry around with you on your day are the perfect solution to your needs.

RIVACASE VA2150 / VA2190 – reliable & durable portable batteries

Spring is the best time to take your work outside the office. And the right portable rechargeable battery is the perfect solution for juicing up smartphones, tablets and cameras while you're out and about.

Dijon collection - now in black!

Sports bags and backpacks have always been and still are popular with those who pursue an active lifestyle and athletes.

RIVACASE VA4915 - a wireless charger with an exquisite fabric finish

It’s getting harder and harder to keep track of all of your devices nowadays. Your cell phone, tablet, wireless headphones and any other gadgets make tangling wires and missing USB ports an inevitable issue. We at RIVACASE have a solution to that painful problem, and that’s where our best wireless chargers come in.

New in the Antishock series - RIVACASE 5126 laptop sleeve

Antishock is a basic set of ultra-lightweight, shock-resistant laptop sleeves and organizers manufactured using "memory foam" material.

RIVACASE PS4191 & PS4192 wall chargers - Maximum charging speed for your iPhone

The USB Type-C connector has steadily grown in popularity. Most modern models of smartphones, tablets, and laptops are equipped with this interface.