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VA2005 (5000mAh) portable rechargeable battery (New)


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  • RIVAPOWER VA 2005 portable rechargeable battery
    Product Features:
    • 5000mAh capacity rechargeable battery.
    • Compatible with all popular models of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.
    • Protection for over-charging, power leaks, overload and short circuit.
    • Automatic turn on/off. Just plug your device into RIVAPOWER battery output socket and the charging will start.
    • To check the battery status,press button. 4 LED indicators will show the remaining power.
    • Smartphone charging - up to 2 times. Tablet charging - up to 1 times.
    RIVAPOWER identifies connected device and delivers its fastest possible charge.
    Charge Through function
    Connect the RIVAPOWER to the power source and your mobile device to the RIVAPOWER. Mobile device is charged first. When fully charged, RIVAPOWER will start recharging.
    Input voltage: 5 V
    Output voltage: 5 V
    Output current: 2.1 A
    Battery type: Li-poly
    Battery capacity: 5000 mAh
    Output capacity (5V): 5000 mAh
    Energy: 18.5 W·h
    Output power: 10 W
    Dimensions: 131x68x11 mm
    Product Weight: 0.145 kg

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