Add some color with the updated Mestalla collection!

The Mestalla stadium is the home of the famous Valencia Club de Futbol, one of the oldest, largest and most successful football cubs in Spain. Located in the city of Valencia in Eastern Spain, it is a focal point of Valencian culture. When empty it gleams with the vibrant colours synonymous with the region and of course its flag and emblem. When full, it becomes a cacophonous cauldron, a crucible of noise and fury as the passionate home fans let their thoughts be known through chants and song to the players on the pitch below. We wanted our Mestalla collection to reflect the spirit of this sacred place and provide an option for those that are not afraid to let their emotions be reflected through their possessions. As such, the products in this collection are full of colour and imagination.


Perfect for young people or anyone with a youthful energy, these Mestalla products are certain to catch the eye of any passer-by. It typifies the best of the sports-casual look that is just the right option for active people who like to keep on the move. Perhaps the only way in which the Mestalla Stadium diverges from this collection is in terms of its steepness. The incredibly steep sides of the stadium create a powerful atmosphere as the crowd are thrust forward to be only metres from the pitch. However, the Mestalla collection is anything but steep in terms of its price. Affordable and practical, it will be your perfect companion as you go about your day to day.



There is no doubt that one of the biggest dangers to our items is the ever present threat of rain or water damage. And one of the obvious issues with any waist-bag is that often it is best to wear on the outside of any other waterproof clothing. That is why we have taken the time to make sure that this waist bag is made with a water-repellant fabric that will keep your belongings free from harm at all times. So you can crack on with your day safe the knowledge that what you have on you is safe and secure.


Travelling light is essential in today’s working world. As a professional, there’s simply too much moving around needed to be held up and delayed by heavy bags and items. That’s why this Mestalla bag, made with ultralight materials, weighing a remarkable 0.38kg, is the perfect option. It comes in a variety of colour options, each with its own contrast making you look both striking and professional at the same time.



One of the greatest pluses of this collection is the hugely generous central compartment be it in a waist bag or in a backpack. The large space in the waist bag will mean that you can easily tuck away your wallet, purse or phone or even a tablet up to 7-inches in size. There is more than enough room for your belongings in the backpack which makes this the perfect backpack for using when moving to and from the gym, on your daily commute, when taking a mini-break away, or even when out and about at a festival.

Soft stitched zipper pulls

We wanted to make a bag that kept your possessions as secure as possible but also one that was ergonomic and easy to use. When you are out and about and on the move you want to be as efficient as possible and manage your time as effectively as you can. As such, we made sure that our Mestalla waist-bag comes with dual zipper pulls which means that you can access whatever it is you need within seconds by quickly reaching to either zip. As with all elements of this collection, everything has been designed to make your life as easy as possible so that you’re thinking less about your possessions and more about what you enjoy.