Anvik collection

Nestled next to the Yukon river on one side, and sharp inclines leading to snow-laden mountains on the other, Anvik airport, located in the far-western reaches of the Alaskan peninsular is perhaps not an airport many of you have visited often. To say it is remote would be an understatement; to say that it undergoes some of the most extreme conditions found on the American continent, is a fact. To sustain life within these conditions requires preparation, planning and knowledge, and respect for the environment and what power it has.
Named after this airport, the Anvik collection is a range that straddles the balance between professional business style and comfortable coziness. Its rounded edges and soft material lend a sense of sensitiveness while making you appear no less smart. The collection's fabric not only matches well with tweed and woolen jackets and coats, but is also water-repellent with a complex fabric texture, keeping all your items safe and sound. This alternative, natural fabric is maintained in a neutral and professional color scheme across the range, meaning that you will project that classic business image but also, given its many attributes, be walking around with a deeply practical accessory.

High-quality water-resistant tweed material

These days it is beyond crucial to keep your daily items housed in an environment that will prevent any kind of moisture from entering and causing damage to your electronic devices. They are simply too vital and integral to our day-to-day lives to be taking any chances with whatsoever. That is why we have made sure that this Anvik collection comes with its own high-quality water-resistant tweed material, so that you can have the confidence to go about your day with the knowledge that your most precious of possessions are safely housed in your bag, and will be from the start to the end of your journey, no matter the weather conditions.

Contrasting beige interior lining

We wanted this Anvik range to be above all supremely practical. Although it is a comfortable collection to carry around you it had to maintain the same high levels of functionality that we demand across all our products. That is why we have designed these bags with a contrasting beige interior lining so that you can easily spot whatever it is that you're after and be onto your next task without a moment's delay. It is these kinds of small design elements which set our products apart and which make them so unique, proving time and time again to be your close friend for all your daily challenges.

Durable RIVACASE pullers

There is nothing worse than pullers or zips that are poorly constructed and end up letting you down at the least possibly convenient time. Often this will be on an airport concourse or train station platform and will result in your belongings being left strewn across the ground, and with your plane or train soon to depart most probably. In order to ensure you circumvent these kinds of tiresome eventualities, we have created this Anvik range with durable RIVACASE pullers so that you can both be robust with your bag but be safe in the knowledge that it is not going to let you down.


We at RIVACASE take a huge amount of pride in the products we make. We don't subscribe to the kind of fast-fashion mind-set of other companies and believe instead in creating products which can remain your trusty companion for years into the future. We know that the things we make will always be supremely effective at enabling you to make the most out of your day and that is why we have made our logo out of high-end artificial felt and rubber. We like to think that it isn't too overly conspicuous and represents our commitment to excellence.