The elegant and versatile Borneo Series offers capacious carrying solutions for gamers and Drone pilots. Bags for Quadcopters, flying cameras and other types of Drone. A bag for gaming equipment, Laptops and all the necessary accessories.

Icy light blue lines contrasted with dark black fabrics communicate confidence and originality. A square box shaped design provides extra storage and gives the bags a trendy urban and industrial look.  External designs made up of futuristic angular shapes position you at the cutting edge of your profession or hobby.

We specially crafted this collection using a variety of materials to offer protection, comfort and durability.  Ergonomic designs offer ventilation keeping your back dry at all times. Dense neoprene insides offer maximum protection. The highest quality water resistant fabrics with shock absorbing EVA padding will give you the confidence to travel with your equipment wherever you want to go.

Multifunctional and versatile, all bags in the collection come with multiple compartments with organizational sections for devices and accessories. With the Borneo Series we have been attentive to every detail, allowing you to travel organized, agile and ready for action.