New RIVACASE Chargers: 4101 WD4 and 4102 WD4 - Perfect for Your iPhone 15 and AirPods!

In light of the new iPhone 15 being unveiled, we have some awesome news to share as well. RIVACASE launches two new chargers that will boost your charging experience. Say hello to the 4101 WD4 and 4102 WD4 chargers, designed to cater to the latest technological advancements, including compatibility with the newly released iPhone 15 and AirPods.
Both chargers boast a USB-C output, ensuring fast and efficient charging for your devices. With the included USB-C to USB-C cable, you can conveniently connect your iPhone 15 and AirPods without the need for separate adapters. This seamless connectivity allows for a clutter-free charging setup and an enhanced user experience.
The 4102 WD4 charger takes it a step further by featuring an additional USB-A output with QC 3.0 support. This means that not only can you charge your iPhone 15 and AirPods, but you can also power up any other compatible devices rapidly, thanks to the Quick Charge 3.0 technology.
Designed with both style and functionality in mind, these chargers are compact and portable, making them perfect for travel or everyday use. They are equipped with built-in safety mechanisms, offering protection against overheating, overcharging, and short circuits, ensuring the safety of your valuable devices.
Upgrade your charging routine with the RIVACASE 4101 WD4 and 4102 WD4 chargers, specifically tailored for the newly released iPhone 15 and AirPods. Experience fast, efficient, and safe charging like never before.
And that's not all! We have something special in store for those who own older iPhone models. Introducing the 4101 WD5 and 4102 WD5 - these are the same chargers as 4101 WD4 and 4102 WD4, but with a twist. The cable included is USB-C to Lightning, specifically designed for earlier iPhone models.