RIVACASE 5123 laptop sleeves – now in black and blue

These popular 5123 Antishock sleeves have been designed to be as functional as possible, and now we are happy to introduce them in two new colors – black and blue.
These slim but reliable sleeves for laptops are made from the highest quality durable material. Antishock sleeves withstand the unavoidable wear and tear of urban living and long-distance travel, while, given the sturdiness of the material, maintaining their newness and sophistication. Memory foam tightly encases your laptop, offering maximum protection from accidental hits, dust, moisture and scratches, any of which could be the downfall of your device. Above all, this range knows that in the modern world, these items contain so much information of paramount importance, and are the portals to both our business and leisure worlds, and so need ultra-protection.
We’ve added special inner corner protecting flaps designed to securely fix your laptop in place and prevent it from slipping out and shifting around in the sleeve. These carefully designed features also help protect the corners of your device from unexpected bumps and scratches as well. So simply slide your laptop under the flaps, and you can feel secure as your laptop does as you go about your day-to-day.
Given the fact your laptop, regardless of the brand, is already a considerable weight, you don't want to be lugging around an even heavier casing for it. That is why the materials we have used with these sleeves are ultra light so that you can move about your day with ultimate ease. Trust us, after a long journey, your arms will be thanking you.