New Colors in the Prater Collection

Are you familiar with the new “black” in the fashion world: the normcore style?

In February 2014, New York Magazine published an article, first identifying normcore as both a new philosophy in modern Western culture and a separate stylistic trend in clothing – a change in attitude toward fashion and comfort.

While most fashion experts agree that normcore does not describe a particular look, but a general attitude, it has been characterized by epithets such as the “latest urban camouflage”. This self-aware, stylized blandness embraces uniformity as a new, deliberate way of being cool instead of pursuing difference or authenticity. The trend is simplicity, a calm attitude in appearance, accepting oneself and the crowd, and, due to an understanding that each individual is unique, a lack of fear in the face of conformity.


At the moment, the Prater collection is the boldest fashion statement of the normcore trend among other RIVACASE products. A unisex collection is the epitome of simplicity, devoid of pretentiousness; it suits absolutely anyone and will undoubtedly help complete one’s casual outfit. A new line of colors perfectly embodies this normcore philosophy, ideal for people who appreciate comfort and professionalism.


Also available are backpacks and laptop bags designed in restrained natural colors such as black, coffee, and dark grey. These soft shades have been specially chosen by our designers to harmoniously complement the outfit of any city-dweller, both in everyday life and business situations. Of contemporary relevance, these outfits will never go out of style or become outdated; they belong to a catalog designed to avoid being relegated to any specific fashion trend or decade.

These Prater backpacks and bags from RIVACASE are essential, not only to correlate with the new mainstream minimalism but also to engage the challenges of contemporary life. Few people can imagine their lives without a computer or laptop at hand – the demand for information is continuously increasing, requiring mobile devices with internet access readily available at all times. A backpack or bag is the most comfortable way to carry your laptop, books, or anything else you may need throughout your day. It will protect your digital devices from harm and is a convenient method of transport made easier by strategically placed handles and straps.


Like all RIVACASE products, our expert designers fashioned the Prater series to serve all the needs of a modern city-dweller. A dense, non-marking, high-quality fabric with a special polyurethane coating reliably protects its contents from inclement weather. The anti-theft protection system camouflages the external pockets and provides additional security for valuables such as mobile phones, ID cards, wallets, etc. Spacious main compartments also provide exceptional comfort.

The Prater collection from RIVACASE is the embodiment of relevance and comfort, the leader among transport options for carrying and storing digital devices. The color options are new, but high quality remains the constant signature of RIVACASE.