Top 5 RIVACASE backpacks for the new school year

A new school year is right around the corner. Whether you're heading back to school in the next few weeks, or just need an all-purpose backpack, it is about time to choose a perfect option for you. So, here are our picks for the best backpacks that will fulfill all your middle, high school, and even college class needs while keeping your daily essentials secure and readily accessible.
We love the timeless, minimalist design of this RIVACASE 7567 backpack from the Prater collection, which can hold a lot without looking bulky and comes with a plethora of anti-theft protection elements. A minimal number of visible pockets, along with its front hidden zippered pocket, means that it perfectly conceals your valuables. Available in two color options - grey/dark blue and dark grey, this backpack is capable of storing plenty of items like books, bottles, stationery and everyday accessories without cracking under the pressure. It also comes with really solid shoulder straps that won’t fray, allowing you to use this bag for years and years.
When it comes to backpacks, fashion is just as important as function. The durable fabric and practical design of the RIVACASE 5430 backpack as well as the large print help you stay eye-catching and express yourself while you take everything you need. Stylish and sturdy enough to cope with the weather, this backpack also has plenty of room on the inside for all your goods. And since Heide is our most colorful collection, everyone can find a color combination for themselves to bring their own personality into the day.
Some backpacks are meant to blend in, and this is just the one. The RIVACASE 7760 classic backpack from the Suzuka collection gives you all the basic necessities you'll need. It has two deep sleeves, one for a laptop and the other for textbooks and notebooks, as well as a front stash pocket for smaller items like pens, pencils, and other supplies. It also has a side water bottle pockets that are just the right size to keep your water bottle from slipping out. Its shock absorbing S-curve shoulder straps will keep you comfortable. And the reinforced hard-shell bottom is more than capable of protecting your gear, whether you're walking shoulder-to-shoulder in a crowded hallway or accidentally knock your bag off a chair. The backpack is available in four color options – light grey, red, dark blue and black.
This RIVACASE 7861 backpack is a bestseller for a reason: there's plenty of storage space to house your lunch box, laptop, and books, and it can safeguard just about anything you place inside it. The backpack also is rugged enough to withstand extreme weather and everyday wear and tear that is bound to happen between classes. Protective and secure, it is made out of the highest-quality water-resistant fabric with shock absorbing padding. The compartments also have padded walls to keep your devices completely safe. A USB port on the side of the bag offers a plug-in point for a rechargeable battery, so that you can charge your devices while on the move. The backpack’s ergonomic design provides ventilation, keeping your back dry at all times. It also features a sternum strap, which along with specially designed padded handle and shoulder straps will keep you comfortable even during the longest journeys and especially when carrying heavy loads.
There’s so much to love about this backpack besides its cool camo print and water-repellent fabric that will probably outlast an unexpected downpour. The RIVACASE 7631 backpack is a practical and convenient solution not only for students but also for freelancers, gamers and even business people to safely transport their laptops and daily essentials. It offers sufficient space: numerous pockets, a separate inner compartment that holds your 15,6" laptop safely while a capacious main compartment easily accommodates your sports equipment, textbooks, snacks, or clothing. The padded back protects your backpack from hard-edged objects inside. Adjustable shoulder straps with padded straps offer a balanced weight distribution and ensure that you feel just as comfortable at the beginning of your trip as at the end.
A backpack is an item that you will use every single day, carrying your most vital essentials. Any of the listed above RIVACASE backpacks can become your perfect day-to-day functional backpack that you can rely on.