RIVACASE VA2537 & VA2574 – quick charge on-the-go


These chic and portable Li-Poly rechargeable batteries support Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery technologies, which means that you can charge your devices up to 4 times faster than when using a conventional charger. Up to 18W of power is delivered to your smartphone as fast as your device can take it. Thanks to that hefty recharging, you can easily use these power banks with a tablet or even a USB-C laptop.


If you’re looking for a power bank as a long-term companion, then RIVACASE is a company you can trust. Curved for comfort in the hand, VA2537 & VA2574 batteries have an undeniable thoughtful design with all the features you require. Power up your USB-C mobile devices at full speed with the 18W Power Delivery USB-C port. Other quick charge modes are also supported: Quick Charge 3.0, Samsung AFC, Huawei FCP and MTK PE 2.0. This helps to provide full charge speed to various devices.


RIVACASE VA2537 has a capacity of 10 000 mAh – enough to fully charge iPhone 11 two times, while RIVACASE VA2574 packs a massive 20 000 mAh battery, which should be enough to charge most phones about four times.


Compatible with all popular models of Smartphone, Tablet and other mobile devices, they both come with 2 inputs (micro USB and Type-C), so you won’t have to choose which cable to charge it with – use your regular one! The solitary USB-C port can be used to charge other devices and also to charge the power bank, so with the right charger you can fill VA2537 from empty in just 3 hours and 2574 – in 6 hours.

Both batteries feature two USB ports each and allow you to charge up to three (!) devices at the same. Tap the power button and you can see the remaining power - LED lights indicate charge level.


All RIVACASE portable rechargeable batteries meet a wide range of needs — whether you’re looking for a backup boost of power or something that will keep your phone or tablet fully charged for days at a time.