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8925 beige Laptop backpack 13.3"

This compact yet capacious backpack is built for comfort. Completely adjustable, with easy slide adjustment on the nylon straps and a strap management system that allows you to roll the excessive strap and fix it with Velcro for the ultimate fit, it also ensures that your delicate possessions will remain free from any knocks and will be easily stowed away and located for quick usage.
8925 beige Laptop backpack 13.3
Backpack for Laptops and Ultrabooks up to 13.3"
Product Features:

• Slim compact backpack is a perfect fit for Laptops up to 13.3"
• Manufactured using high-quality water-resistant faux leather to protect your Laptop from occasional hits and scratches, as well as from dust and moisture.
• The interior is made of contrasting beige lining.
• Along with a Laptop compartment, the bag features a section for documents and a pocket for a Tablet up 10.1".
• Internal zippered pocket for your passport, wallet and a removable carabiner for keys
• Front pocket for smartphone
• Two side-pockets for a bottle of water or an umbrella.
• Comfortable soft handle and shoulder straps with softened bands
• Anti-theft hidden zippered pocket on the back to store your wallet and passport
• Unique ID code gives a 5-year extended warranty
Product Weight: 0.8 kg
External dimensions: 270x135x370 mm
Material: Polyurethane
Inner material: Polyester
Volume, liters: 8.5 l
Laptop pocket size 233x335x32 mm
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Unique ID code stitched inside

Unique ID code
stitched inside

5-year extended warranty

extended warranty



Durable metal zips and pullers

Durable metal zips
and pullers

High-quality faux leather

faux leather

8925 beige Laptop backpack 13.3

Organised and secure

This Vagar bag has been designed with our ideals and your priorities in mind. Optimal security and organisation has been thought about in every decision we’ve made, in every aspect of the bag. This means that you can attack your day free in the knowledge that you will always be prepared for whatever may come your way and feel confident as you move from place to place.

Fully adjustable for extra comfort

Our backpacks are built for comfort. In order to prevent straps digging into shoulders and any other unwelcome sensation or pain that can sometimes occur after long-use, we have provided extra padding in the shoulder straps.A a strap management system allows you to roll the excessive strap and fix it with Velcro for ultimate comfort and fit. Completely adjustable, with easy slide adjustment on the nylon straps, this design ensures maximum comfort but also provides you with a balanced load, evenly distributing the weight across your shoulders, and back for maximum safety, always.
8925 beige Laptop backpack 13.3
8925 beige Laptop backpack 13.3

When one pocket is just not enough

Two pockets located on either side of the bag mean that you are able to carry with you that much needed bottle of water, flask of coffee, or the essential umbrella in your hour of need should the heavens open. A front pocket provides a useful little slot for your phone or any small item. Easily accessed, the pocket allows you to be able to stow your things away but also get them out at a moments notice and attend to that pressing email or concern.
8925 beige Laptop backpack 13.3
8925 beige Laptop backpack 13.3

Extra Grab handles with a secure button clip

You will not always carry this backpack on your back so we have added extra carrying handles with a secure button clip to keep the handles together and secure. This allows your to quickly pick up and grab your possessions, permitting easy transportation. At RIVACASE we engineer every element to provide you with the finest enhancements. Every part of our design process is engineered for robustness and flexibility. Whilst at the same time providing added comfort and usability.
8925 beige Laptop backpack 13.3

Hidden Zipped Pocket + Anti-Snag Zip Cover

Another smart feature is the hidden zipped pocket allowing you safely stow away your passport, important documents, notebook or whatever else it is that is of the utmost importance to you on your journey. This additional pocket gives you concealed access to those important documents, preventing the possibility of being pick-pocketed by keeping all of your items close to your body, zipped safely away. The metal zip-end fits snuggly into an end anti-snag zip cover. This ensures secure closure and prevents it from any possible snags. This level of extra protection is what makes the Vagar bag the perfect companion for holding your precious essentials and keeping them safe and secure.
8925 beige Laptop backpack 13.3