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8912 grey Mobile devices backpack 10-12" new

8912 grey Mobile devices backpack 10-12
Backpack for Mobile devices 10-12"
Product Features:
• Compact backpack is a perfect fit for MacBook 12 and Tablets up to 10.1-12".
• Manufactured using high-quality water resistant faux leather to protect your Laptop from occasional hits and scratches, as well as from dust and moisture.
• The interior is made of contrasting beige lining.
• Along with Laptop compartment, the bag features a section for documents.
• Two internal zipper pockets for your passport, wallet and a removable carabiner for keys.
• Comfortable handle and shoulder straps with softened bands.
• Unique ID code gives a 5-year extended warranty.
Product Weight: 0.69 kg
External dimensions: 120x265x340 mm
Inner material: Polyester
Material: Polyurethane
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