PS4223 WD1 RU car charger white 3,4A/ 2USB, with Micro USB cable

This universal car charger is compatible with all USB powered mobile devices. Easy to use and versatile, it is ideal for urban professionals on the go who require charged devices at all times. Its sanded surface with a glossy strip gives it a classy and elegant look and provides grip and a comfortable touch, protecting your hands and preventing unnecessary fumbling when attempting to plug it into the socket. Whether you are driving or sitting in the back of a taxi, you will stay connected and arrive fully prepared.
RIVAPOWER PS4223 Car Charger 2 USB x 3.4 A, Micro USB data cable

• Universal car charger compatible with all USB powered mobile devices.
• Charge 2 devices simultaneously using one car power socket only.
• Top quality components, built-in filter, surge protection, overload, overheat and short circuit protection provide fast, efficient and safe charging.
• Sanded surface with glossy strip creates superior look, has pleasant touch and provides perfect grip.
• Outer shell, made of non-flammable and durable plastic, provides exceptional fire and mechanical damage resistance.
• Ultra compact design suitable even for cars with tight space around car power outlet.
• Micro USB data cable (1 m) is included.
Product Weight: 0.067 kg
Dimensions: 0x0x0 mm
Retail package: 75x135x40 mm
Output USB-A: 5V-3,4A
Sockets: USB-A x 2
Max output current: 3.4 A
Output power: 17 W
Input voltage: 12-24 V
Length of cable: 1.2 m