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5226 dark blue Laptop sleeve 15.6" new

5226 dark blue Laptop sleeve 15.6
Series of Laptop Sleeves up to 13.3 - 15.6''.
Product Features:

• A series of slim design sleeves, ideal for MacBooks or Ultrabooks.
• Made with memory foam for ultimate protection.
• Provides maximum protection for your device against accidental hits, scratches, dust, and moisture.
• Features internal elastic material to securely hold your laptop in place.
• The double zip-fastener provides easy access to your device.
Product Weight: 0.27 kg
External dimensions: 275x385x25 mm
Material: Neoprene , Polyester
Inner material: Neoprene , Polyester
Laptop pocket size 265x375x25 mm
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high-quality protective neoprene

The high-quality protective neoprene on this sleeve makes for the perfect barrier against anything that might lead to the damage of your device. Constructed with memory foam for optimal protection, this sleeve guarantees that your device will remain secure, even in situations where it might be dropped or knocked. This level of protection ensures that your device is always safe and out of harm's way. This kinds of reassurance is what you need in order to be able to attack your day and so maximise the potential of every minute you have.

Elastic mesh securing system

One of the main issues with sleeves on the mainstream market is that they often allow your device to haphazardly slide about inside the case, which leads to all kinds of problems and hugely increases the risk to some kind of damage to your device. That is why we have been careful to ensure that we have included with this sleeve an internal elastic mesh material to securely hold your laptop in place. This will make sure that your laptop is prevented from jostling around and instead remains steady.

Vertical load design

At RIVACASE we have always found it strange how some sleeves only provide for a horizontal load design. This seems to be completely counter-intuitive as a design given that so many of the backpacks we use would favour a load design that was vertical. That is why we have made sure that this sleeve also comes with a vertical load design, so that you do not have to spare a moment's delay and quickly slide your device back inside the sleeve or retrieve it in a matter of seconds.