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7569 grey ECO Laptop backpack 17.3 new

Manufactured using ECO-FRIENDLY RPET polyester made from multiple used plastic bottles that may have ended up as landfill or in the oceans. The equivalent of 14 × 500ml plastic bottles is used in the production of each backpack.
water_resistant ECO
7569 grey ECO Laptop backpack 17.3
Laptop Backpack up to 17.3"
Product Features:

• Active-style urban bag is made of high-quality water-resistant material.
• Manufactured using ECO-FRIENDLY RPET polyester made from multiple used plastic bottles that ordinarily end up in a landfill or the ocean. The equivalent of 14 × 500ml plastic bottles is used in the production of each backpack.
• 17.3" Laptop compartment with padded sides is additionally protected inside with a padded insert on the bottom.
• The backpack features a spacious storage compartment for the daily clothes for short trips.
• Front zipped pocket with a reflective zipper for a smartphone, business cards and accessories.
• Side pockets for a water bottle/umbrella.
• Comfortable soft handle and shoulder straps with softened bands.
• Strap management system prevents excess strap material from dangling.
Product Weight: 0.68 kg
External dimensions: 320x465x190 mm
Material: RPET Polyester
Inner material: Polyester
Laptop pocket size 290x290x440 mm
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Light reflective zipper

When you are stuck outside on a cold winter day, and it is raining, then you want to be able to get to your items right away and without any delay at all. Sometimes this is easier said than done, however. Nevertheless, we have tried to make this kind of thing as easy and smooth as possible for you by providing this Alpendorf backpack with its own light reflective zipper, which also comes with the dual purpose of making you easier to see for fast moving vehicles or bikes, and, as a result, keeping you safer too.

Capacious main compartment

The spacious main compartment of this backpack is the perfect answer to those that need to carry a good deal of luggage around with them on their trip ahead. No matter if you need that extra T-shirt or a pair of jeans, this Alpendorf backpack has got you covered. This means that you will have that added level of versatility as you go about your day. No longer do you have to constantly be questioning, should I take this or should I take that, or ending up at places without the requisite items. This backpack will mean that you are covered for every eventuality.

Two front zippered pockets

Sometimes in life, two is better than one. Never is this more true than in the world of bags. That is why this Alpendorf backpack comes with not one but two front zippered pockets so that you have all the space you need to put away all your precious items securely. Things like chargers, phones, books or magazines you are reading, really want to be somewhere that you can quickly access but which also remain secure, and that is where these pockets come in handy, keeping your journey ahead smooth and stress-free.

internal zippered pocket

There are some items which must remain as safe as possible. They might be your passport or your phone or wallet, or perhaps even something more personal and sentimental like a diary or photo. For these kinds of items, you do not want to risk them falling out of a pocket, or even being stolen out of a pocket when in a busy train station or airport. That is why we have made sure that this backpack comes with its own internal zippered pocket so that these kinds of items can be kept free from loss or theft.

Separate padded laptop compartment

The separate padded laptop compartment on this backpack is the perfect solution to those that are tired with their most precious electronic item — their laptop — being bashed and thrown about in any old backpack. What everyone wants is a backpack that offers a snug place for you to slot your laptop where it is padded and so protecting it from any knocks it might receive in transit, and perhaps just as importantly, where it is protected from whatever else might be in your backpack that might end up interfering with it, like water, ink, or other metals.

Special protective padded insert

When you are getting on or off a train, or you are getting onto an aircraft or into a car, and you need to put your backpack down, then sometimes we all need a bit of help to ensure the contents of our backpack are protected. We can only take so much care, and your laptop, unfortunately, can only take not so many knocks before the hardware starts to become damaged. That is why, on the bottom inside the laptop compartment, additional protection for your laptop is provided in the way of specially designed padding.


Sometimes in life we all need that extra level of protection from the elements. When it is hot outside, we need to maintain our hydration in order to keep our muscles and joints healthy, and our minds clear. When it is raining, we need that handy little umbrella to ensure that we are not caught out and left soaking before that all-important meeting with the senior executives. That is why we have provided this Alpendorf backpack with not just one but two side pockets, so that you can slide these things away, and a thousand things beside, and so keep yourself ready for what lies ahead.


The comfortable shoulder straps with softened bands on this backpack will do two major things. Firstly, it will keep you comfortable on the longest of journeys, from start to finish, no matter the weight you are carrying. However, perhaps even more importantly, it will keep you safe and healthy. Backpacks that are poorly designed and which do not have an even weight distribution can cause enormous difficulties in later life in terms of back pain and muscular issues. This Alpendorf backpack will ensure that you remain free from all these ills.


The strap management system will present a number of benefits as you go about your day. Firstly, it will keep you looking neat and tidy as you walk into a room, and therefore ultimately more impressive. It will also keep you a lot safer. What many people do not realize is the danger of loose straps dangling and what that could lead to when you are travelling at speed on a bike, or when you are getting on and off trains and have the potential for having one of your straps snagged in a door. This system will help prevent all these kinds of eventualities, keeping you tidy and safe.